Package HOC (Healthy Ocular Check-up) :

          This is the eyes health checks up by the ophthalmologist that divided the levels from the group of risky ages for eyes disease and personal disease and the family background into three levels:

1) Standard: suitable for those with younger than 40 years old of age without risk on eyes disease by emphasizing on sight checking, stereopsis , squint, and basic vision field, eyes pressure in 6 processes which are:

o General eye examination by the ophthalmologist

o Screening VA, Blood pressure

o Digital Slit lamp check up

o Auto-Refract meter check up

o Pneumatic Tonometer check up to seek for the glaucoma risk

o Check up for the ability to see by the Vision Tester: Stero-optic:USA in 11 items

2) Premium: suite with people age around 40-55 years old since we tend to find the chances for eyes diseases such as, presbyopia by age, glaucoma, cataract, and retina etc. The check up will increase from normal eyes check up standard that is the Manifest refraction, Non-mydriatic fundus camera to check for the abnormality on the optical nerve head and macular, thickness of cornea etc.

3) Platinum: suite with old patient or have the risk to find the optic disease risk such as Diabetic, high blood pressure, or heredity background for eyes diseases. This check up program will add from the Premium eyes check up with standard Computerized Humphrey visual field to find glaucoma and drop the mydriatic drug to check the complete retina in details to check for the cataract.

Package for Diabetic :

          Since the Diabetic patient have the high sugar in blood and long time remains in high sugar in blood condition, which can result on Diabetic Retinopathy. If not receive the eyes check up in details, it may result on bleeding inside the eyes or leak of blood and cause macular edema, causing the unclear sighting and permanent blindness if treating late. But if the ophthalmologist can find it first, this permanent blindness can be prevented, therefore the Diabetic patient should have the retina check up regularly to lessen the chance of blindness from Diabetic Retinopathy. For the process, the ophthalmologist will drop the mydriatic or photograph the retina in detail.

Package for cataract extraction with small wound :

          Top Charoen Eye Center have the eyes check up machine with the compared potential to the leading medical school, the precise lens power measurement by new IOL master 500, standard artificial lens from USA and Europe many types as suite per patient for the good sight condition. For the cataract remove pass through the small wound (INFINITY machine ; ALCON;U.S.A.) that safe and very precise. Also, at Top Charoen Eye Center, we use the Custom Pak ;ALCON; U.S.A. to prevent the chance for infectious. As well, the cataract ophthalmologist team with the high experiences led to short recovery and comfortable eyes after the operation, patient can rest at home.

Package for Pterygium excision treatment :

          Top Charoen Eye Center provides treatment for pterygium from the beginning until excessive by in the Pterygium excision, we will graft to reduce the recurrent of pterygium for 5-6 times from the normal operation, this provides the good treating results and beauty and it is the highly standard approach for pterygium excision.

Package for squint operation :

          Top Charoen Eye Center we have the device to check up for squint both in kids and adult by the specialize ophthalmologist on squint. In case of squint, we necessary to operate to direct eyes muscle for the better sight or to support the good personality for patient to return with confident into the society. The ophthalmologist will use the absorbed suture for small wound and patient can return to home after operation.

Package Lasik for vision disorders myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism:

          For the patient who interests to have Lasik for Vision disorders treatment, Top Charoen Eye Center provides the laser program to improve the vision disorders as suite for each patient eyes condition. By the ophthalmologist will explain the proper methods to them. Our Lasik center uses MEL80; Carls Zeiss; Germany with the definite and precise result, at Top Charoen Eye Center, we found with the good sighting results on 20/20 up to 97%.

Package Myopic prevention program:

          Since the myopic problem in the group of new generation tend to happen and more violent, the violent myopic condition (call “pathologic myopia”) is over than -6.00 diopter and there is the report for the risk for eyes disease such as lattice degeneration of retina, Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and glaucoma, cataract or myopic macular degeneration. Therefore, to prevent for violent myopic in the group of risk kids may lessen other occurrences of eyes diseases. Today, the children with risk for the pathologic myopic can be found in the family with high myopic background, the kid with increasing annualsight value so fast over than 1.00 diopter/year or child of abortive, or with parent concern on the fast myopic of their child. At Top Charoen Eye Center, we launch the program to monitor the eyes condition among the kids who attend the project by measuring their sight by dropping staring lessen drug to closely monitor the changes and measuring the size of eyes structure in the children such as, the eyes size, front and rear pupil, lens thickness by Non-contact optical biometry with high resolution, safe and not hurt to monitor for change and compare the standard value. As well as to check up the child eyes by ophthalmologist in case of finding the fast shifting, the ophthalmologist may suggest the best practice and to use the special eyeglasses lens to slow down myopia for 30-50% for instance.

Package check-up for Ear, Nose and Throat :

          A check-up package is suitable for anyone who desire to have a good health and aware of any minor health problems about ear, nose and throat such as chronic sore throat, hoarseness, halitosis, dizziness, snoring or sleep disorder. Our services are also involved in endoscopy and microscopy with picture/ VDO record in case the patient ask for those investigations for confirmation.

Package “Ear and Hearing test” :

          For anyone who has ever got a problem with an ear, including hearing loss, ear fullness, tinnitus, dizziness or imbalance that may cause an irreversible loss of ear function in the future or sometimes involve in other organ disorders especially eye, nose or brain . By ear examination under microscopy/endoscopy and clinical audiogram and tympanogram evaluations with the same standard of medical school hospital, you will be ascertained that your ears are still in normal function.