The preparation before and after treatment


Preparation for eyes check up before Lasik

• Patient shall remove the contact lens and wearing an eyeglasses before eye check-up as follow;

• Soft Lens shall be removed at least 3-7 days

• Hard Lens or RGP at least 7-14 days

Do not drive since a doctor will drop the mydriatic drug in the check up process which impact on the vision for 4–6 hours, you shall come with someone accompany since the residual effects from mydriatic drops may cause dizzy, glaring and uncomfortable sight.

• It takes about 2-3 hours for complete eye check-up

The process of evaluation check up before Lasik at Top Charoen Lasik center will be done in details by

• Refraction the eyes before and after cycloplegic eye drop (for abort accommodation) to get the exact refractive error power.

• Check up and analyze the cornea to find out the risk to do Lasik by PENTACAM (Scheimpflug technology): from Oculus: USA cooperate with the new Software to analyze for the chance of risk of cornea disease to reduce the interference in the Lasik treatment

• Check up for Aberration in the eyes by WASCA: Carls Zeiss ;Germany and take the photograph of iris by able to bringing the information of eyes check up from each patient to plan on the treatment by MEL-80 laser and make better treatment result.

• The cornea thickness by Ultrasound Pachymeter.

• Ophthalmologist on Lasik will check up the eyes by slit-lamp microscope and indirect ophthalmoscope to analyze the cornea, lens, optic nerve head, and the retina in details.

Before Lasik

• In case of preparation before Lasik, take a bath and wash your hair since after Lasik you should not wash your hair for one week, wear the shirt with front buttons, avoiding the pullover t-shirt and not using the perfume or cosmetic since it will interrupt the precisely result of laser.

• Check up blood for Anti-HIV at the center and bringing the blood checking result from the hospital to show on the operating day (the checking result should not over than 3 months)

- Don’t put on the contact lens before the operating date as follow:

- Soft Lens should not be put on for at least 3 days

- Hard Lens should not be put on for at least 14 days

• On the operation date, please wash your hair, no cosmetic, not put on jewelry, or bring the valuable property and put on shirt with front button for the comfortable ware after operation.

• Before the operation, do not have any of drug, if you have the regular daily drug please consult with the ophthalmologist since the date of eyes check up for Lasik.

• Do not use any spray or perfume and not drinking the beverage that contain alcohol before the operation since alcohol can affect the work of laser.

• In the operation date, do not drive by yourself since we will close the eyes after surgery, though you can see through the small holes of the cover but the picture will blur and you may have the uncomfortable eyes symptoms that make unsafe to drive.

• If you are under age of completely 20 years old (on the operation date), your parent must sign on the agreement document.

 In case the appointment for surgery is longer than 3 months from the eyes evaluation date, it requires the patient to recheck the eyes again before surgery to confirm that the eyes condition is complete and strong without other new rising disease.


After Lasik

• The first night after Lasik, you should avoid using the eyes such as watching TV, computer or reading book and do not driving home by yourself. Take a lot of sleep and close your eyes especially in the first 6 hours, it will feel very uncomfortable in the eyes if you do not close your eyes. Doctor will cover your eyes and do not remove them in the first night, this is to avoid touching on the cornea area until the next day that the ophthalmologist will appoint to check and open the cover to clean and put on the sun eyeglasses on the first day after Lasik you can see for 90%.

• On the first week after Lasik is the important period that the patient must act according to suggestion, not to touch with water, or rub your eyes and drop the anti-inflammatory strictly, while the sight will better improve.

• After one week of Lasik until one month, the sight value will return to normal and after one complete month, the ophthalmologist will check up the eyes again, you can touch with clean water but avoid the water to eyes, you may begin to make up and regular drop the artificial tear.

• After one month, the caring is just like normal at 99 % but shall drop the artificial tear to add moisture for the eyes and always put on the eyeglasses. The ophthalmologist will appoint to evaluate the eyes again in the period of 3 and 6 months and one year to recheck the eyes health such as, eyes measuring, cornea, lens and macular. It is recommended to check up your eyes every year.

In case of PRK patient, doctor will consider not to appoint after the first day but for 3-5 days after to remove the contact lens that covers the eye after PRK.

In case of ICL patient, the act before and after operation is like Lasik.