Our Service


Our services

Top Charoen Eye Center provides the services for:

1) Routine eye care with a variety of high standard devices in five doctors’ rooms

2) “HOC program” (Healthy Ocular Check-up program) divided by the criteria of ages and risks for eye diseases to take care of every eye by the experienced ophthalmologists.

3) Outpatient service for treatment of eye diseases including surgery by more than 20 sub-specialized ophthalmologists with the high standard devices compared to the medical schools in Thailand and international centers such as:

• Digital slit lamp microscopes

• Indirect Ophthalmoscope

• Non-mydriatic fundus camera such as for Diabetic Retinopathy, retina abnormality, etc.

• 3D- OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) on the optic nerve head, retina and cornea to find the risk of the beginning glaucoma and macular abnormality

• Computerized Humphrey Visual Field to check and follow up glaucoma

• Vision tester: by Stereooptic Company;USA

• Pentacam; Scheimpflug imaging technology to detailed seek for the beginning disease of cornea

• Auto Kerato-refractometer; by Nidek; Japan

• Eyes muscle practice for kids and stimulate the seeing for lazy eyes (Synoptophore)

• Eyes structure and artificial intraocular lens power measurement (Latest ocular biometry: IOL-Master 500:by Carls Zeiss &Acuscan:ALCON) for the least error of artificial intraocular lens power calculation

• Ultrasound Pachymeter in micron unit

• Nd-Yag laser and laser photocoagulation for glaucoma , retina tear and Diabetic Retinopathy as well as retina dysfunction

• INFINITY Phacoemulsify; Ozil technology; ALCON;USA, for cataract removal with small wound, more precision and less trauma for short time of vision recovery

• Vitreous and Macular surgery (ACCURUS vitrectomy: ALCON; USA)

4) Correcting all the Vision disorders such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia by laser vision correction surgery; MEL-80 excimer laser: Carls Zeiss : Germany