Sub-specialties and services

Sub-specialties and services

• Routine eyes check up by HOC Program

• Pterygium surgery and tissue transplantation with lowering the rate of recurrence

• Cataract surgery by phacoemulsification (small incision) with the standard surgical devices and sterilized Custom Pak with premium intraocular lens by experienced ophthalmologists team

• Nd-Yag laser and laser photocoagulation for diabetic retinopathy to prevent blindness, and glaucoma

• Vitreous and macular surgeries by the standard devices under experienced retina sub-specialists team.

• Strabismus surgery for kids and adults

• Eyelids surgery for droopy lids, puffy bags around the eyes, ectropion and entropion by oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons

• Glaucoma treated by glaucoma sub-specialists team

• Lasik &PRK operation (Laser vision correction) such as myopia, hyperopia ,astigmatism and presbyopia by the cornea ophthalmologists team

• ICL(Implantable Contact Lens )for vision correction